Website Statistics

It is essential to know the number of visitors who visits your website every day and every month especially if the website is for business. Ready access to statistics gives you control and focus on your marketing strategy. Follow the steps shown below to teach you the ways on how to gather daily and monthly statistics.

1. Go to the homepage of your website. Every website has a server so that your site can be placed in the Web. Log in to the homepage of your server or the server’s website component if it is an internal server.

2. Login to the server homepage by entering your username and password. You will receive this initially upon your registration with the server. If you forgot your password, you will be given an option to send the password by email.

3. Look for the statistics menu. If you are now logged in, find the “Website Statistics” or “Statistics” link. Then click the link to view the statistics of your website.

4. Read the statistics. You will be able to view different formats of statistics from the statistics link. You will also see the number of your visitors each day, each month and each year. You can also view things like popular pages viewed, average clicks and average length each time a viewer visits your website.

5. You should be able to determine the meaning of statistics to you. It depends on the purpose of your website, whether it is business or personal, use website statistics for the improvement of the performance of your website.

What is Statistics?

Website Statistics · The General Statistics will tell you the number of visitors your website had in a chosen time frame.

· The Revenue Tracking tracks the actual sales.

· The Campaign Tracking monitors and tracks the performance of a certain advertising campaign.

· The Conversion Tracking will show you how many non-sales conversions like in newsletter subscription or email group sign-up.

· The Time Trends show you various revenue trends occurring over selected time period.

· The Click Paths will show you visitors who currently exist on your site and navigation of it.

Warnings and Tips

· Consider to include a counter for your site so you can keep track of the number of visitors on your page as they enter and leave your website.

· If a certain website has thousand hits every day, you should consider getting advertisers that is paying and advertise in your website.

· You should remember that there are statistic counters that count each page viewed by the same visitor and counted as a new hit.

· Do not visit your own site repeatedly just to inflate numbers.

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