Yahoo! Web Analytics

Yahoo! Web Analytics is an enterprise-level, highly customizable web analytics system to help business websites increase visitor satisfaction and sales, get new insights in online customers and reduce marketing costs. Storing data in non-aggregated, raw form, Yahoo Analytics is more than a reporting tool. It’s a highly flexible, powerful, data analysis tool. Historical and near real-time data is visualized and segmented instantly with advanced graphs helping website designers and marketers answer questions regarding specific business and find insights for the improvement of their business.


· Executive Analytics Dashboard

Yahoo! Web Analytics Your dashboard can be customized by benchmarks, time periods, KPIs and charts which you want to monitor on your web business. Your dashboard widgets can be easily edited or created. You can drag them wherever you want it to be.

Every widget has a custom report. You just need to click the widget and look for reports for more details

Per website, each user may create multiple dashboards. Each dashboard is used for various needs.

To quickly create a new dashboard, just copy an existing dashboard and edit in any way you want.

· Real Time and Raw Data Collection

With real-time data collection, you will be able to see reporting data in moments after actual visit in website.

On each visit, you can view visit information if you choose like real-time view, new website content impact, marketing campaigns, events and news.

See individual time spent, action taken, click paths and other information about visits.

You can track up to 50 various online actions. Any page or link loaded can be tracked as part of conversion funnel.

· Visitor Demographics Report

This lets you understand the kind of customers you have and how to align your marketing with the audience you want.

The dashboard and demographic reports provide combined snapshots of gender, age groups and cross tabulation of age and gender of customers from every traffic channels. The dashboards help one to picture visitors as people and not by just clicks.

Gender and age may be utilized as dimensions for segmenting and filtering data. It is interesting to see what gender and age group the campaign is reaching, the difference of your audience from one channel to another and the kind of audience for each product.

Demographic information is utilized to create targeted campaigns or finding audiences that are high in performance in your new channels.

· Visitor Behavior Reports

This lets you learn the categories of interest and top properties of Yahoo! visited by the customers.

Reports of interests of visitors reveal interest categories of customers based on the type of website they visit.

The interest category, demographics and characteristics of Yahoo! property can be also utilized as segmentation dimensions.

Behavioral segments are purchased from Yahoo! and from other networks as well.

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