Web Analytics Training

The WAA or Web Analytics Association offers training through UBC or University of Columbia which issues WAA-UBC Achievement Award after completion.

The WAA partnered with UBC so that 4 courses in Web Analytics can be offered which is conducted online. In order to receive the Web Analytics Achievement Award, the participants must be able to complete all 4 courses below:

Web Analytics Training · Web Analytics Introduction

· Web Analytics for Website Optimization

· Online Marketing Campaign Measurement

· Managing and Creating Analytical Business Culture

Each course is estimated to run for four weeks. Participants are given the freedom to choose on how much time they can spend on each 4-week course with average of 4 to 8 hours per week, white papers and reading case studies, online discussion participation, online reading completion and doing independent study. The student assessment is based on the individual projects and assignments given.

Registrations are on a first come, first serve basis because it is filled quickly.

Web Analytics Introduction

A website is a communication channel and a core business providing direct link to potential and current customers. This medium is unique because of the ability to measure quantitatively and define the client’s nature of interaction by web analytics. Today, successful organizations utilize the web analytics’ power so that the full potential of the website is realized, maintaining and developing deeper relationship between clients which creates measurable value for the business.

Learning this course will allow you to be exposed to the tools, key concepts, practices and techniques of web analytics.

Web Analytics for Web Site Optimization

A successful website requires continuous maximizing and reviewing conversion rates to define success and to increase traffic on the website and improve user experience. The course focuses on improving the visitor experience through website optimization. The topics included in website optimization are navigation and information architecture, internal link and page strategy, and internal website search engine optimization. The course uses case studies and best practice methods to show their students on how to track, define, optimizing and evaluating the website to improve the visitor conversion goals, giving examples on creating simple tests to evaluate and define the website changes value.

Online Marketing Campaign Measurement
If your website is optimized according to visitor experience and usability, then it is time to bring more traffic. The course will teach you to attain bigger returns on your investment for evaluating impact of results of the campaign and online marketing initiatives.

Managing and Creating Analytical Business Culture

This course is beyond reporting and tracking of activity of the website, covering the art and science of using the web analytics successfully to make changes with organizations. The key success for a web analytics manager is data-driven decision making, organizational buy-in for usage of analytics, training and staffing the organization properly, communication information and selecting the right solutions for the business needs.

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