Web Analytics Software List

Open Source License

· Analog

Analog is a web log analyst software that is free which runs in Mac OS, Linux, Windows and other operating systems like Unix-like. In June 21, 1995, Analog was first released as a generic freeware by Stephen Turner. In November 2004, its license was changed to GNU General Public License. The Analog software is downloaded in different computing platforms. Its source code can also be downloaded if desired.

· Awstats

Awstats Awstats is a web analytics reporting tool appropriate for data analysis of internet services like streaming media, mail, web, and FTP servers. Awstats produces HTML reports and analyzes server logfiles. The data is presented visually through bar graphs and tables. Static reports are created through demand reporting and command line interface supported by a web browser common gateway interface program.

Other open source web analytics include:

· CrawlTrack

· GoAccess

· Open web analytics

· Piwik

· Visitors

· W3perl

· Webalizer

Web Analytics Proprietary Software

· Mint

Mint is a web analytics tool that is server-based. It tracks HTTP referrers, traffic trends, and search trends.

· Sawmill

Sawmill is a software for software analysis and log files reporting with live data zooming, dynamic contextual filtering, custom calculated reports and user interface customization. Sawmill combines real-time alerting and real-time reporting. Since 1997, Sawmill was available to support approximately 850 servers with log file formats with added new formats upon request. Sawmill include JavaScript page tag and page tagging for the analysis of client’s request which provides total visitor traffic view and behavioral activity of the website.

· Urchin

Urchin is a program for web statistics analysis produced by Urchin Software Corporation. Urchin analyzes content of web server log file and displays traffic information on a particular website based on the log data.

Other Proprietary software includes:

· SurfReport

· Tealeaf cx

· Compuware Vantage

Mixed Web Analytics

· LogZilla

LogZilla is Web 2.0 based-front-end for syslog messages viewing, logged to real-time MySQL. LogZilla offers a 30-day free license with all enabled features available by request by emailing them at sales@logzilla.info.

Hosted Web Analytics Software

· ClickTale

In 2006, ClickTale was founded. It is an internet company providing Web Analytics services and Customer Experience Analytics. Clicktale already have 20,000 users since February 2009 with estimated revenue of $1.2 million per annum. Today, ClickTale claims to have 50,000 users while its revenue is still unknown since the company hasn’t declared yet any financial data.

· Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free offered by Google which generates detailed statistics regarding website’s visitors. It is aimed for marketers opposed by technologists and web masters wherein the web analytics industry originally grew.

Other Hosted Web Analytics Software includes:

· Analyzer II

· Bango Mobile Web Analytics

· Lucky Orange

· TraceMyIP.org

· Site Catalyst

· Insight

· Webtrends

· Wooptra

· Webtrekk Q3

· Yahoo! Web Analytics

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