Web Traffic Analysis

When creating website content or changing the keywords in your website, measuring those changes is necessary to know if the changes made an impact to your web traffic which you are targeting. With web analytics tools that track directly the visitors and its interaction to every page, measuring of web traffic is easy. If you will not analyze and measure your web traffic, you will not be able to expand and effectively grow your presence in the web.

Organic Traffic

Web Traffic Analysis While analyzing web traffic, you will be able to observe that the search engines are the source of your visitors. SEO or Search Engine Optimization will help you attain the targeted traffic and rankings you seek from those search engines. The organic traffic is dependent on the structure of your title, content, met descriptions, keywords and other components to boost traffic on search engines. Organic traffic is free.

Paid Traffic

Paid traffic is essential to combine with web analytics platform. This will help you ensure that the optimization of pages is working well in combination with any SEM or search engine marketing that you run. You must not only look for the click rate of SEM campaigns because this is not the indication if you are targeting your traffic correctly. Examples of measureable components: getting a paid traffic to fill a form, download something, or creating an account. Those examples will show you if your traffic is good on your website.

A/B Testing

You should also measure the variations of landing pages because you will not get the whole picture of the web traffic if you won’t do so. Measuring of A/B testing is important if you are using SEM campaigns. This means that you are having more than your investment each time it has measureable conversion or your targeted traffic finishes a transaction.

Social Media

Social networks are important measures and powerful sources of website traffic. If you are using StumbleUpon or Twitter, you should measure the conversion of your tweets, the exit rate, time spent on landing page and other factors which will determine if you are producing targeted tweets. You can discover that measuring of web traffic of social media is the largest traffic sources. That is if your website has interesting and unique content and is user friendly to browse and read.


Even if you are not using paid traffic source, you still need to pick top keywords or keyword phrases which you feel would rank your website and optimize it accordingly. You may create campaigns for keyword tracking so you can determine your targeted keyword phrases are doing well on your website. You just don’t want to measure how your website is ranking, what you really want is to make sure that your targeted traffic spends time on your website.

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