Web Analytics Association (WAA)

The Web Analytics Association fosters, leads and unites the interests of industry vendors, practitioners, educators, and consultants around the globe.

Web Analytics Association around the Globe

Web Analytics Association The members of WAA are everywhere. Its members represent about 50 countries around the globe. There are thirteen organizations of WAA communities outside North America. The community of Web Analytics is a global community. The WAA is an association which represents the whole industry globally. Its members are scattered worldwide and its goal is to provide, communicate and deliver opportunities to its members wherever their geographic location are. All members of WWA receive similar benefits, regardless of location.

Web Analytics Association Country Groups

The WAA has built Country Groups in order to develop localized global programs. The country group of WAA provide their members with the opportunity to acquire more information about the industry of web analytics, its recent developments, and to have a network with professionals in the region. Having the Country Group is a great way to help and assist people in the arena of web analytics, to learn about global and local markets and to meet peers.

Country Group Purposes

· To give support to its members by giving value to their local members

· To expand memberships locally

· To build education and local awareness around digital marketing and web analytics

Professional Recognition through Web Analytics Association Certification

The Web Analyst Certification Program of WAA is a voluntary program for certification. The program’s purpose is to allow mechanism for individuals who want to attain professional recognition after showing their competency and knowledge in the industry of web analytics. If a person meets the experience, required education and examination requirements of WAA, he/she will be given a certification.

The certification program of WAA Web Analyst is designed to determine broad domain knowledge analysts and importantly to identify analysts that demonstrate high level of problem and analytical solving ability in the whole spectrum of web business.

The exam for certification has the following areas:

· Web Analytics of Website Optimization

· Marketing Campaigns Online Measurement

· Managing and Creating Analytical Business Culture

Certification Benefits

The Certification provides:

· Professional achievement public recognition

· A credential demonstrating web analytics expertise

· Enhanced credibility to employers and clients

· A competitive advantage with individuals that are not certified

· Employment within the field is likely

The Certification is used by employers to informed decisions. This provides employers to:

· Identify the potential new hires possessing the required expertise of the company

· Promote the capabilities of your company through certified web analyst employment

· Services are enhanced which provides both financial and quality perspective

· Productive human asset is maintained

· The employees are motivated to expand their skills and knowledge

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