Web Analytic Tools for Tracking Visitors

If you own a website, you need to know what’s working, what’s not and the trends that will make your website the next “readable” stop for web visitors every day. The only method to do this effectively is through having a pleasant statistics package working in background. But finding which package is good for you is a tricky matter.

Here are the lists of 10 paid and free solutions allowing your website to hit the web running and eventually make your site a success.

1. AWStats

Web Analytic Tools for Tracking Visitors AWStats is usually pre-installed by most web hosting companies. Also, you may download it for personal use if you are creating your own server. AWStats go deeper in the referring information of sites compared to most analytics packages. It is a perfect tool for you to be able to monitor if someone is linking files from your website. Aside from being a monitoring tool, it also offers all useful tools that are usually found in a statistics package.

2. Google Analytics

Google analytics is known to be a popular analytics package for website owners. The Google Analytics allows one to dig deep in your statistics so you can see a breakdown of states/provinces, regions, cities and a lot of items to better track your visitors. The resources of available data are balanced by a user interface that is executed well, however, it can be overwhelming. The Google Analytics package comes with ecommerce-specific tools and Adwords to track sales.

3. eLogic

eLogic caters 3 levels of service based on one’s exact needs. If only one or two pages are needed to be tracked, a stat counter for most basic reports is offered. Their Basic Webstats package is free while giving you more tools that are usually expected in a package like demographics, history, referring sites and more. If you have business with larger website, you can sign up for subscription, the Webstats Pro, which gives more extensive tools and full history of visitors.

4. ShinyStat

ShinyStat was designed initially to monitor Italian websites visits. Now, it monitors websites around the globe. It also offers software packages for professional and individual user who wants and needs to track marketing and for business owners who want to track ROI and sales. There are also service levels for ISPs to install which is included in their hosting accounts.

5. Site Meter

This tool has free version for small bloggers which usually reach up to 100,000 visitors per month. It has all the usual tools expected from a package such as visit duration, referrals, and so on. If you want to launch a larger site, there is a paid version depending on the volume of your visitors.

Other tools include:

6. Stat Counter

7. W3Counter

8. W3Perl

9. Webalizer

10. Woopra

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