Web Analytics Conversion Goals

Web Analytics will help you monitor the traffic on your website. This will help you determine the kind of advertising campaigns that are beneficial and the programs that are needed to be adjusted or change it altogether.

You may try a particular advertisement in one page, and then different advertisement on the other. Web analytics allows you to make conclusions and adjust the marketing strategy.

It is possible that you don’t only monitor the website traffic, but you may also know its specifics. You will be able to monitor other information such as the number of visitors, the most popular pages in your site, the source of your visitors, what ISP, the kind of browser they are using, the bounce rate or how quick they leave your page and how long they stay on your page and a lot more.

It is necessary to set conversion goals of your web analytics because this helps you measure if your website has reach your specific objectives or not.

Instructions on setting up your conversion goals

Web Analytics Conversion Goals 1. Choose a reporting tool and stick on to it. Switching from one tool to another is not advisable because you will just find yourself starting all over again. Google Analytics is a free reporting tool and it’s really good.

In all reporting tools, there is margin of error but using consistently the same tool ensures that your margin of error is also consistent. In time, you will be able to find out what exactly that margin of error and make necessary adjustments on your network accordingly.

2. Setup a web analytics account. If you want Google Analytics then you need an account in Google. Enter the blog address or the web address you want to track then copy and paste the generated code to your website or blog. After placing the tracking code, you can now monitor the website traffic in a lot of ways.

3. Set your goals and name them. Use an easy recognizable name so that you will easily know what you are dealing and looking for while reviewing the reports.

After setting the goals, Google will calculate the goal conversion.

Setting of goals is done through logging in your account, click the “Goals” and then click “sets to create your goal” then enter the name of the goal and select the type of the goal.

The 3 types of goals are:

· Time on Site

· URL Destination

· Visits/Pages

You can also switch between “Goal Off” and “Goal On”. When you have set it to “Goal On” Google will do the goal conversion for you.

Google Analytics is not only the free web analytics you can find online. There are others which offer free web analytics tools. Search them and see which one suits your needs.

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