Top 10 Web Analytics in India

In June 2010, Plymouth, Indiana has announced the Top 10 Web Analytics Companies in India. Web Analytics is one of the most complicated when it comes to internet marketing. But Web Analytics is an important part in understanding how visitors interact with websites and how websites work as well. The best web analytics companies were evaluated by experienced and qualified team of researchers.

Web Analytics in India is not just about numbers. The reports, graphs, numbers, behaviours, trends are just a few to be considered in web analytics. An excellent Web Analytics company is the one that can provide realistic effectiveness snapshots of the website of their clients.

The Top 10 Best Web Analytics in India

Top 10 Web Analytics in India 1. ClickTale

2. Coremetrics

3. Omniture

4. Webtrends

5. Mondosoft

6. Unica Corporation

7. Fireclick

8. Lyries Technologies

9. VisiStat, Inc.

10. OneStat

Qualified researches were able to make an accurate method to be able to find the best and quality Web Analytics tools. They use a detailed evaluation process allowing them to categorize the average, good and poor firms of web analytics. Gathering feedback from the users of certain software is part of the process so they can evaluate the overall services and performance of certain software of company.

Both project specific and general questions are part of their assessment such as:

· What are the specific needs and the analysis conducted before the work is initiated?

· What are the three things you want to change if you are to change the experience?

· What kind of ROI are you anticipating?

· What was achieved in the specific time frame?

· What is the total investment?

· Was it easy to use the software in your website?

· Was GUI interface easy to use when it comes to the number of conversions to a certain URL of your website?

· Upon gaining information from the analytics software, which activity were you able to do?

· Was data translation made by the software understandable for you?

· Do the reports of the analytics helpful in improving the overall effectiveness of your website?

· Rate the overall experience from 1-10; 10 is the highest.

The independent authorities to search for vendors assigned a team who are equipped with specifically developed evaluation criteria so that every applicant who wishes to be ranked can be reviewed and may be part of the best marketing providers of India. The team has released new set of ranking with each criterion was based on completed research. Also, the visitors of the website can view the full directory listing, the zone, knowledge, news, and a lot more.

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