Open Source Web Analytics


Analog is a web log analyst software that is free which runs in Mac OS, Linux, Windows and other operating systems like Unix-like. In June 21, 1995, Analog was first released as a generic freeware by Stephen Turner. In November 2004, its license was changed to GNU General Public License. The Analog software is downloaded in different computing platforms. Its source code can also be downloaded if desired.


Awstats is a web analytics reporting tool appropriate for data analysis of internet services like streaming media, mail, web, and FTP servers. Awstats produces HTML reports and analyzes server logfiles. The data is presented visually through bar graphs and tables. Static reports are created through demand reporting and command line interface supported by a web browser common gateway interface program.


CrawlTrack is a web analytics program for the webmasters.

· Functions

Providing website statistics such as bounce rate, page views, origin and number of visitors like the keyword used, referrer, country of origin, etc.

The Crawler provides statistics of visits, page views, hits number by crawlers.

Indexation of search engines followed-up by indexed pages and backlinks.

Blocking and recording of particular types of hacking attempts such as SQL injection or code injection.

Number recording and 404 error origin.

The script should be installed on the own server of the webmaster so he/she is in control with the data. By installing CrawlTrack, a lot of sites are audited. PHP is the tag used which gives no output on the source code. The script is available in different languages such as French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Turkish.

Open Web Analytics

Open Source Web Analytics Open Web Analytics is a web analytics with a framework written in PHP. It is an Open Source Analytics utilized by developers so they can add analytics services to their websites or any application. It provides support for other framework applications such as MediaWiki, Gallery2, WordPress and it provides JavaScript APIs and PHP to combine with any website or web application.


Piwik is open source analytics system which is written in PHP. The development team of phpMyVisits v2.3 announced future efforts directed to Piwik. Piwik offers REST APIs. It is an architecture module which allows plugins to have visually appealing graphs with the use of Flash and to have better performance.


W3Perl is a logfile analyzer. It is free. It analyzes and breaks down the components of FTP, Web, Mail, CUPS or squid files. Most web major log file formats like CLF, ECLF, NECLF on Unix, W3C on Microsoft and Mails are supported, as well as compressed and split files. Counter and Page Tagging are supported as well if you don’t have access to logfiles. Then the output is then spread to HTML pages with sortable table and graphics. The statistics can be run from a web browser or single command line.

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