Job Description of Web Analyst

The internet created a workforce of programmers, web designers and marketers that are internet-based. The web analyst’s position in web analytics is a new occupation primarily in the force of labor. The responsibility of web analyst is to create procedures on data management which involves data analysis, web projects, data integrity and web server security. A web analyst should know the interaction of web structures on the internet with users.


Job Description of Web Analyst A web analyst should be able to analyze maintenance and web development costs. Responsibilities also include decision making based on staffing, purchasing of equipment and new technologies related to deployment of websites and web development. An analyst does research on latest software for analysis from different software vendors to know the best software available so that web-related tasks can be accomplished.

For example, a web analyst does research on web hosting server platform efficiency that hosts various web servers like Windows, Linux or open source server to recommend a platform that is best to web developers.

Job Function and Features

Web analyst works with web development programmers closely. The web developer and web analyst exchange ideas regarding structure, design, deployment of websites and software tools. A web analyst is also responsible for statistics and data collection for a website which range from website visits to performance of web server. He/she also reviews the system reports which are software generated and also analyzing and measuring keyword density, link management and search engine optimization statistics. They also provide reports on senior management efficiency so that strategic decisions can be made which concerns internet technology.

Skills Required

A web analyst should have knowledge on techniques and principles of internet development. A lot of web analysts were once web developers. Some have learned web development techniques during college or vocational course or in on-the-job training. Other skills needed are analyzing web models, schemes, integrated media and mock up drawings of websites in order to communicate with the web developers. They should also have knowledge on web servers and its components which uses web servers like content management software and SQL databases.

Working Environment

A web analyst usually works in a work group environment or in an office together with the web development team. An analyst is provided with an annual budget so he/she can manage software purchases and its equipment. Usually, a web analyst work for 40 hours in a week but it also depends in the project, who works overtime and on weekends so they can solve technical problems or meet deadlines.

Education and Salary

Mostly, web analyst get education certificates from courses developed by organizations. A vocational school is also an option for a 2-year web development degree. A four-year experienced web analyst earns $42,500 to $62,000 annually.

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