Average Salary of Web Analysts

A web analyst is one of the hottest jobs in the recent years.

A web analyst is responsible for building up the software and hardware requirement necessary for the online presence of the company in order to operate. The duties in this job differ and can include software implementation, hardware administration and web traffic analysis. A 2008 survey made by the Web Analytics Association, the expectations, responsibilities and job duties of a web analyst depends on the employer who hired the analyst.

Average Web Analyst Salary

Average Salary of Web Analysts In 2007, the average salary for web analysts was $88,500 based on the survey of the Web Analytics Association. The workers who earn these levels of salary spend at least 25% of their time doing their duties in web analytics. But the Payscale, Inc. conveyed a different salary scale for the earnings of web analysts. It is said that an average web analyst in the industry of information technology earns in a range of $46,000 to $68,600. Those web analysts who are employed by internet companies earn $47,600 to $70,400 declared November 2010.

Senior Web Analyst Salary

Experienced and supervisory web analysts ask for higher salary compared to those entry level web analysts. According to Payscale, earnings of senior web analysts range from $59,000 to $80,800. Also, they usually receive annual bonus which range from $3,000 to $7,000 which brings the average compensation of a senior web analysts from $60,000 to $86,700 declared November 2010.

Other Compensation

Almost all web analysts receive compensation for health benefits and as part of their employment, 92% of web analysts receive benefits package. According to Payscale, 91% receive medical package, 86% for dental plan, and 66% have vision package.

Working hours

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, a web analyst works for about 38.8 hours a week. There are only 6% who works as part time in this field. But a lot of web analysts who works for really long hours, 19% of them work for 50 hours or more in a week.

Job Outlook

From 2008 to 2018, the demand of work for network administrators is expected to rise more according to Bureau of Labor Statistics. The growth will add to over 280,000 jobs in that period of time.

The salary of web analyst will depend on the employer. The salary varies depending on the time spent and the given work load. But because of the increasing internet trend and increasing competition, companies are more willing to pay for an excellent analyst in order for them to determine how to improve their statistics and earn a profit. A hard working web analyst will surely succeed to this profession considering that this is in demand nowadays.

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